Travel scholarships available to COP23 Environmental Conference

In light of the barriers facing the participation of youth from the Global South, the GSS 2017 will provide the necessary financial resources to enable more young people to attend COY13 and COP23 who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Alongside covering the costs of their participation (travel, accommodation, food, etc), the GSS 2017 will also provide a robust capacity building program to empower Global South participation which is effective, rather than tokenistic. In order to realize this meaningful engagement, the GSS 2017 will take the following objectives:

Recipients of GSS shall make an impact at COP23 and get involved with YOUNGO

Since the scholars come from a Global South background, with their own experiences from local and regional networks, they will bring certain very new perspectives and stories. They will feed their experience in the debates, raise awareness, and push for the urgency of a more ambitious climate policy. Their intended activities at COP will also be a criterion for their selection. At the same time, it will serve as an induction and training for scholars to be engaged with YOUNGO and its different working groups (such as ACE Working Group, COY Working Group, Policy Operations Team, Finance Working Groups and several others), right after their selection.

Recipients shall be empowered by this GSS program:

Taking into account their intended activities at COP23, and their background, the Scholars will undergo a dedicated capacity building program created in collaboration with the GSS-FC, YOUNGO Capacity Building WG, and IYCM member organizations. Conducted online prior to COP23 and later in person together in Bonn, they will receive trainings and webinars through engagement of experts (including those from YOUNGO) and trainer that prepare their knowledge and understanding of the UNFCCC process and develop concrete strategies for them to effectively engage there. They will also consider how to share this experience once they return home. Thus, the GSS 2017 will empower the Global South Scholars not only for COP23 but also in the long-term so that they will function as multipliers in their communities and regional environmental networks.

GSS 2017


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