Radio Ambulante seeks pitches

If you’re interested in producing a story for Radio Ambulante, you can send your pitch to

We’re always looking for surprising, moving stories from Latin America. When writing us with a pitch, the most important thing is to be very specific. Whom do you intend to interview, and what story do they have to tell? What’s the larger context that makes this story compelling? In what ways does the story teach us something new? Please be detailed, without being long-winded. Above all, be entertaining.

Make sure you tell us about your experience in journalism (whether in radio or print), and what kind of equipment you’re using to record. Note that we accept audio in .wav or .aiff formats (not mp3), recorded at 44.1 khz with 16-bit sampling.

Please no portraits of NGOs, no vague proposals (ie. “I’d like to interview my grandfather.”), and no publicity requests. Keep in mind that we work with long lead times, and may take as long as a month to respond, however rest assured that we read and consider each and every proposal that comes in.

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