PBS FRONTLINE launches 2019 Local Journalism Project

PBS FRONTLINE‘s Local Journalism Project provides support to local news organizations to produce investigative journalism, focusing on communities where the health of independent reporting is endangered by the changing economics of the media.

We are now accepting project proposals from local news organizations for 2019. We’ll select four or five projects annually on the basis of the strength of the proposed investigation, the geographic diversity of the news organizations and need for outside support to complete reporting and tell the full story. Our inaugural class will be announced before the end of August.

FRONTLINE will provide local partners with:

  • Up to $75,000 for an annual reporting salary. The financial support is designed to free reporters from deadline journalism to pursue an in-depth reporting project lasting months.
  • Editorial guidance from FRONTLINE journalists. We’re adding a full-time editor at FRONTLINE to manage the collaborations with our local partners and take a hands-on role in shaping individual investigations. We’ll tailor editorial support to the needs of our partners and whether the eventual form of the story will be in video, audio or text.
  • Advice from FRONTLINE’s audience development team. We’ll help strategize about how to build community engagement with the project and extend the reach of local journalism.
  • Support for training. We’ll collaborate with partners to design specific training for local journalists in areas that can help make investigative journalism and storytelling sustainable.


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