Coronavirus Rolling Grant for U.S. Freelancers

FIJ’s board of directors is looking for stories on the coronavirus that break new ground and expose wrongdoing—such as corruption, malfeasance, or abuse of power—in the public and private sectors.

FIJ encourages proposals written for ethnic media as well as those submitted by journalists of color and involving the impact of the coronavirus in U.S. ethnic communities.

Grants average $5,000 but can be as high as $10,000.  They cover out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, document collection, and equipment rental. FIJ also considers requests for small stipends.

FIJ will review proposals as they are submitted. Grant decisions can be expected within two weeks of submission of application

It is FIJ policy to pay the first half of approved grants to successful applicants upon approval, with the second half paid on publication of a finished project in accordance with the original proposal.

All application documents must be written in English and budgets expressed in U.S. Dollars.

Budget guidelines: Your estimated budget must itemize expenses such as travel, document fees, equipment rentals, and stipends. Be specific. Vague line items may be denied. Identify other sources of funding.

Guidelines for international reporting grants: To be considered, foreign-based story proposals must come from US-based reporters, have a strong US angle involving American citizens, government, or business, and must be published in English, in a media outlet in the United States.

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