Journalism fellowships at Oxford


The Thomson Reuters Foundation Fellowship, founded in 1983, offers an opportunity for experienced journalists wishing to undertake research projects on a variety of subjects. Approximately 6 Thomson Reuters Fellows study each year on fully-funded Fellowships for three or six months (one or two terms). Fellows receive a modest living allowance of £1,500 per month. Thomson Reuters Fellows are drawn from dozens of countries around the world from both print and broadcast media. Mid-career journalists from any country in the world are eligible.

Recent Fellows and their projects:

  • Ben Doherty (2014-15) The semantics of seeking asylum: an examination of the impact of changing media and political discourses on public opinion of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Carlvins Ouma Odera (2014-15) Failed media, failed democracy? The role of journalists in the making of South Sudan
  • Razeshta Sethna (2014-15) The militant in the media: Intimidating, violent and virulent
  • Jairo Mejia (2014-15) Reinventing the wire: how to prepare for constant disruptions
  • Sumit Pande (2014-15) The Role of Social Media: Changing Paradigm and Experiments with Participatory Democracy by Political Parties in India
  • Chen Chenchen (2014-15) Ideological diversity in Chinese media: where will ongoing leftist vs. rightist media cleavage lead?
  • Catherine Gicheru (2013-14) The factors behind the establishment and success of independent print media in select countries in Africa in recent years
  • Runfeng He (2013-14) How does the Chinese government manage social media? The case of Weibo
  • Flávia Marreiro (2013-14) The underground communications networks in Cuba

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