International ATF/NPR Fellowship Available

Applications are now available for the Above the Fray Fellowship, which operates in conjunction with NPR. It is the keynote program of THE JOHN ALEXANDER PROJECT and  is designed to give a promising journalist the opportunity to cover important but under-reported stories from a location abroad.

One fellow will be selected each year based on a winning proposal to report from a region lacking significant mainstream media attention. The selected individual will spend three months filing on-air and online stories for NPR. Above the Fray supports curious, truth-seeking, spirited individuals who wish to cover under-reported regions, but who do not have the financial means or professional support to pursue these stories.

The fellowship is not about finding the most experienced candidate; it is about discovering the   next generation of international journalists. The fellowship strives to discover journalists who are at pivotal moments in their careers: those who are armed with the skills to independently tell stories and who possess the ability to take audiences off the beaten path. Applicants should have at least three but no more than five years’ professional experience. Above all, the applicant must express sincere interest in innovative foreign reporting, a curiosity about global cultures and a demonstrated record of journalistic potential.

To apply, visit


Application Posted: May 1, 2012 2012

Application Deadline: July 1, 2012, 11:59 PM 2012

Selection Notification: July 31, 2012


The Above the Fray application is accessible online only and consists of the following items:

1. Basic personal details and work experience.

2. A pitch to report from a far-flung or otherwise under-reported foreign region.

3. Two (2) on-air clips, either audio or video that may either be uploaded as attachments or sent as links.

4. Three (3) essays to be uploaded as attachments. Essay topics are specified in the online application form.

5. Two (2) letters of recommendation (requested online via our application system). These are due the same day as the rest of the application materials — July 1 — so be sure to request them with  ample time to meet the deadline. Once your application has been saved as a draft, a link to       request your recommendations will be activated.

Optional: You may also upload up to two (2) additional work samples.


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