Grants for environmental investigative journalism available

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GRID-Arendal, through its Environmental Crime Programme, seeks grant applications for investigative journalism projects. Two grant recipients will receive NOK 25,000 (approximately 2,500 Euros) each for investigations focusing on illegal fisheries and illegal logging. We are looking for stories that break new ground and expose possible connections to organized crime or human rights in a country that is on the DAC list of Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients.

The grant covers out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, document retrieval, interviews, equipment rental and other documentation costs.

Eligibility criteria

  • Proposals must come from a professional journalist with experience in the field of investigative journalism.
  • The proposal should be in line with this year’s priorities – illegal fisheries and illegal logging (one grant will be given for each topic).
  • The applicant should have done some preliminary work in their field of research;
  • The applicant agrees to give credit to GRID-Arendal if/when the story is published and grants GRID-Arendal the right to re-publish the story.

 Application requirements

  • The applicant’s resume
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • List of applicant’s previous publications
  • Detailed and clear plan for evidence gathering. It should include: (1) the applicant’s topic and preliminary work; (2) geographic focus; (3) expected results; (4) evidence gathering procedures; (5) timeline from start to end; (6) proposed title of the story
  • Detailed publishing plan explaining where and how the applicant is planning to publish the story and in which language(s). 
  • All application documents must be written in English and budgets expressed in Norwegian kroner.

The above requirements should be submitted as one PDF file.

Applications that are incomplete or do not meet the requirements will be automatically discarded.

How to apply

Applications should be addressed to Valentin Emelin (, Environmental Crime Programme Leader, and Siri Olsson (, Research Assistant, GRID-Arendal. The deadline for submission of application is 16 June 2019. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee at GRID-Arendal and winners will be announced on 12 August 2019 on GRID-Arendal’s website and during an event at Arendalsuka 2019.

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