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DEADLINE:  Thursday, December 1, 2016

Graduate and undergraduate students, studying at American colleges and universities or Americans studying abroad, who aspire to become foreign correspondents, are invited to apply for one of 15 scholarships or fellowships to be awarded by the Overseas Press Club Foundation.

From among those chosen for OPC Foundation recognition, the Foundation selects up to 11 fellows and pays travel and living expenses while they gain valuable career experience in foreign bureaus at such leading news organization as the Associated Press, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and the GroundTruth Project and at foreign English-language media companies like the South China Morning Post and Khmer Times.  Students win either a $2,000 grant or funding for their overseas experience.  In many cases, winning a prestigious OPC Foundation award has helped launch careers.  Winners are also invited to join the Overseas Press Club family.

The judges require that applicants submit a Cover Letter, Resume and Writing Sample.  The applicant’s name and school should appear at the top of each page. The Writing Sample of approximately 500 words should concentrate on an area of the world or an international issue that is in keeping with the applicant’s interest and experience. Judges prefer a reported story, especially one that demonstrates a journalist’s perspective or initiative. Winners have written on such diverse topics as playing black jack on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, political activism in Morocco, and social upheaval in China. Essays that are exceedingly long may be disqualified. Because four of the 15 awards are reserved for international business or economic coverage, the Foundation invites applications from students who show a strong understanding of, or interest in, global economic issues such as trade, finance, emerging markets, immigration or environmental impacts. Health issues are also increasingly important. Two awards are oriented toward television coverage and judges have in the past granted awards to photographers/videographers who have also demonstrated strong writing skills. The substance of the essay may have appeared in an individual’s previously published work but should be reformatted to meet the requirements of the application. Do not send a clip or URL. Judges respond well to applications showing strong reporting skills, color, and understanding or passion.

The Cover Letter should be autobiographical in nature addressing such questions as how the applicant developed an interest in this particular part of the world, a story pitch, or how he or she would use the scholarship to further journalistic ambitions.

Winners will be contacted in December so arrangements can be made for them to attend the Foundation Scholarship Luncheon in February 2017 in New York City. Recipients are required to attend. The Foundation will cover the cost of travel and hotel.   The three-day event also includes a welcome reception hosted by Reuters and a day of situational awareness/risk management training for journalists.

You may email, fax or mail your application. Email is preferred.

For more information, contact Jane Reilly, Executive Director, at foundation@opcofamerica.org or call 201-493-9087.


William J. Holstein
Overseas Press Club Foundation
40 West 45 Street
New York NY 10036


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