Editorial Projects in Education Launches Education Reporting Fellowship

As part of its mission, EPE is accepting applications for the inaugural Education Week Gregory M. Chronister Journalism Fellowship, to be awarded annually to an enterprising journalist in support of a reporting project that illuminates a significant issue in pre-K-12 education.

The annual fellowship aims to support a recipient who undertakes a significant enterprising or investigative journalism project that promises to inform and educate the field and the public about a timely and important issue for pre-K-12 education. The fellowship, which is intended to be completed while the recipient continues his or her regular employment, provides financial support of up to $10,000.

The fellow may examine an issue from a national perspective or from a local or state perspective, as long as the topic has broader implications for American education. Projects with an international focus are also eligible if they can point clearly to implications or lessons for the United States. In addition, the fellow is expected to produce a deeply reported investigative or enterprise package or series of stories that spotlights a pre-K-12 topic through a combination of interviews, site visits, background briefings, the use of databases and academic literature, and/or the fellow’s original data reporting. Topics are at the discretion of applicants but will be considered, in part, according to how well they contribute to Education Week’s own coverage of the field.

Education Week will publish the completed work across its media platforms, as appropriate, upon acceptance by the editors. The work may be co-published, in whole or in part, by the fellow’s regular employer or freelance outlet.

Visit the Education Week website for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


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